The Kitty System

I want to tell you about this arrangement I’ve come across in España which I call the “Kitty System”.  I came across the Kitty System during the first few days in España at La Feria de Abril. How it works is that everyone in the group you are socialising with deposits an amount of money […]

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La Feria de Abril

Sevilla 2012

Our first few days in Sevilla Jon and I were happy to arrive safe and sound in Sevilla Monday afternoon in the 405. We were both pleasantly surprised with the condition of the house, which has been vacant and closed up for the past few years. A cleaner had been in the day before to […]

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Family, Food & Fiesta in Barcelona, Spain

Hola amigos, we are now over the boarder  into España and have spent the past 2 days with Aunty Pepa, cousin Jesus and his family. We’ve enjoyed some fabulous family lunches and it’s been so good to see Jon in his element, catching up with his relatives and speaking Spanish. I’ve been doing a lot of nodding and smiling as the […]

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