An Evening In Provence

For as long as I can remember I have been intrigued with France and fantasised about living there for a little while to fully soak up the culture. In my final years of school I even elected to study the French language, knowing that this subject held no weighting towards my “Tertiary Entrance Score”. Various travel shows and movies have further fuelled my interest in Read More



I’m so chuffed when opportunities arise for me to downsize, especially when it comes to personal belongings. A year ago I bought this beautiful Blubird purse (pictured) because I wanted something flatter and lighter to travel to India with (my usual purse was thick and bulky like most women’s purses). The plan was to revert back to my bulky purse when I returned from India but I got used to traveling a bit lighter so I carried on with this new flatter, prettier option Read More

A Perfect Night In

I’m like a pig in mud tonight. Jon and Cyril (my father inlaw) have gone down to the pub to catch up with some friends and I’ve opted to stay in. This is a rare treat for me these past 6 months. Anyway here I am in country Hampshire England cooking up a Tortilla Española while sipping a glass of red wine from Chateau La Canorgue in France (where they filmed “A Good Year” with Russel Crowe, more on that in my next post) and nibbling on some of Cyril’s vintage cheddar cheese. I’m off to the lounge now to put my feet up and watch Grand Designs . . . .  for me it just doesn’t get much better than this. It’s pure bliss.


Like Mother, Like Daughter

Today it dawned on me like never before how the things that are most important to me in life very much reflect the aspirations of my Mother. My Mum Julia passed on from this life seven years ago at the young age of 58. I loved my Mum very much and as a daughter I felt very close to her, but at times since her passing I’ve wondered how much I really knew or understood her as a woman. I mean as an individual without the roles and responsibilities that come with raising a family. Who was my mother really with out all of this? Read More


Day Trip to Portugal

CervejaLiving so close to the Portuguese border we thought it would be silly not to pop ever there at some point for a little exploration and to sample some authentic Portuguese cuisine. As with most of our adventures I do some research first on Tripadvisor to determine what area to visit and most importantly where to eat. The town of Tavira sounded the most appealing destination to visit and we settled on a restaurant rated highly on Tripadvisor called “Vela 2”. Read More