A Look Inside Our Expat Life In Spain

Finally a place to call home in Spain

After looking for a place to call home in Europe for months, Jon and I finally settled into our own place in a village called Sant Hilari Sacalm in June. We’ve been here four months now and we are absolutely love it!

Sant Hilari Sacalm is located thirty minutes west of Girona Airport in northern Spain, up in the mountains at an elevation of 800 feet. Once of my favourite things about living here is actually the drive home towards these beautiful mountains that look like a cluster of pyramids on the approach.

And after spending the first twenty five years of my life living in the Blue Mountains of Australia, it is so so nice to be living in the mountains again. When we arrived it was the beginning of Summer when a procession of weekly fiesta’s take place through to the end of September.

Some of the most memorable village festivals have been…

The Festival of Saint Christoph, the patron saint of travellers. On this day the village decorates their bicycles, motorbikes, cars, trucks and even semi-trailers in flowers and ferns. They then parade down the main street, each vehicle stopping to receive a blessing from the local priest.

Correfocs. This fiesta is said to have originated from a medieval street theatre called ‘Ball de Diables’, representing the fight of good against evil. In preparation for Correfocs all the shop owners in the village tape up their windows with cardboard. Then at 11pm a procession of drummers come parading through the narrow streets accompanied by ‘devil’s’ who chase the crowd while spraying firesparks at them! I got caught up in this and ran down the street screaming … it was quite an exhilarating experience!

On the weekends we make a point of getting out and about and exploring the region and all of it’s cultural activities. The weekdays are focused on our business and we don’t leave the house much at all.

Here’s what a typical day looks like ….

7:00am: Wake up and begin our morning routines. For me that includes meditation, journalling, writing out my goals for the month and ‘feeling’ them and reviewing my most important actions for the day. Jon generally begins his morning with a coffee, catching up with the news and then weight bearing exercises.

8:30am: Our work day begins. For me that means client sessions via Skype, marketing activities and business administration tasks. For Jon that means lengthy conversations with his business partner, staff and training organisations.

2:30pm: I finish up most of my work for the day and log of for a few hours to prepare and enjoy lunch. Lunch is our main meal of the day and we always make it special time together by laying out the dining table with my grandmothers beautiful linen embroidered tablecloth.

4:30pm: After cleaning up after lunch and relaxing on the sofa with a cortado, I return to my desk for my daily review. I make some notes about what went well today, what adjustments are needed for things to flow with more ease, and I track income for the day.

5:30pm: Log off for the day and begin winding down with a bath or shower, change of clothes and tidying up around my office.

7:00pm: Chill-out in the lounge room. At the moment I’ve been watching a lot of interesting programs on Gaia TV and there are a couple of period drama’s that Jon and I watch together such as Poldark.

10.00pm: I set off to bed around 10pm because I know this is how I enjoy the most solid and restful sleep. Jon usually stays up for anther hour or so.

So there you have it, a little look inside our life here in Sant Hilari Sacalm.

What did you find interesting about this?

Dani x


2 Comments on “A Look Inside Our Expat Life In Spain

  1. Lovely Mariana, thank you for your thoughtful comments. Yes I had this dream and then I decided to take one step after the other and make it happen. Hope to see you on the Gold Coast in December x

  2. I’m so proud of you Danielle – you had a dream to go off and experience life in Europe and here you are doing it! Thanks for sharing your connection with ‘mountain living’ – sounds a blessing. Isn’t Poldark picturesque and an excellent period drama – loving it. xx

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