Grape Stomping in Provence

Late September Jon and I had the opportunity to participate in a ‘Grape Stomping’ day at an organic winery in Provence called Les Pastras.

Check out the video I made below!

On arrival we were warmly greeted by husband and wife team Johann and Lisa Pepin and introduced to our fellow stompers. Johann then walked us down to the vines and gave us some history of the property as well as grape growing practices in the region.
Grape Stomping Provence

Grape Harvesting

Next we were let loose on the vines equipped with a pair of scissors and small crate to collect bunches of grapes that would soon be stomped on. It was so much fun being amongst all those juicy grapes, out in nature, away from our laptops and enjoying the sunshine.
Grape Stomping Provence

Grape Squishing

Once we had picked an ample supply of grapes they were loaded onto Johann’s tractor and we all headed back up the hill to the stomping area. The grapes were poured into the large wooden barrels and the squishing began. What an amazing sensation! The juicy sweet smell of grapes wafted through the air as we laughed, giggled and tried not to slip on the crushed grape skins.

Holy truffles!

After that we were invited to relax by Johann and Lisa’s pool where we enjoyed their organic wine and were treated to a white truffle tasting. OMG that was a amazing! Lisa provided us with some truffle education and prepared delicious truffle samples along with an amazing fromage and charcuterie platter.
It was an afternoon of laughter, singing and meeting new friends. After a glass of wine or two I even volunteered to teach the group a John Williamson song ‘Home Among The Gum Tree’s’ with arm movements  to boot! If you are looking for a great day out in the Louberon region I highly recommend Les Pastras. They also offer olive harvesting days and truffle hunts.

À bientôt, Dani x

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