Birth of my laptop Biz

In April 2012 my husband Jon and I departed Australia for a 6-month sabbatical in Spain. Jon was able to continue working his business because it internet based. I had taken ‘leave without pay’ from my job. For the first time in my life I was a housewife and a lady of leisure. I cooked all our meals from scratch, enjoyed gardening, riding my bicycle, reading books  … and I loved every moment!

During those months in Spain I thought much about how I would like to live the rest of my life. I knew I wanted to spend more time living in Europe, especially in France. Europe holds so much of what is dear to my heart; history, culture, beautiful architecture, latin languages and a cooler climate. To achieve this goal I needed to be able to generate a mobile income, both for my sanity and my independence.

Returning to Australia my objective was clear. I would find a way to create a portable business doing my purpose. That journey began by me taking a voluntary redundancy from my corporate job.

Next I rented a room within a health clinic and began offering kinesiology and healing sessions. I had been doing a kinesiology qualification pat-time while still employed. Throughout the next 12-months my healing and coaching work evolved and expanded. I developed new skills and intuitive abilities and I was able to fully transition to facilitating all my sessions via Skype.

Now it is April 2015 and Jon and I have once again departed Australia to realise our next goal … living in France for 6-months. This time we both have our portable businesses in toe and it looks like this could be the beginning  of a new life as Digital Nomads.

If you have a dream that you keep putting off (or ignoring) because you believe it is out of your reach, then listen up …

That dream is your truth, your way and your answer.

It’s quite possibly the reason you chose to be born at the time that you did.

It’s very likely that the challenges you currently face in your health, relationships or business are connected to you not following that dream.

There really is no better time in the future when it will be more suitable for you to pursue it!

The existence of your desire is evidence that it is available to you now.

It will always be scary to take a step forward, this is why so few people do it.

My best advice is this …

  1. Admit that you really do desire your crazy, big, out of reach dream.
  2. Commit to visualising it every day for 7-days
  3. Play it like a movie in your head
  4. Feel it in every cell of your body (VIP)
  5. Pre-tend your future!

I used this very process to manifest a Business Class ticket to London. Something that was most definitely out of my reach when I used this practice.

Commit whole heartedly to this process and see what becomes available to you!

With love and thanks,



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