I’m so chuffed when opportunities arise for me to downsize, especially when it comes to personal belongings. A year ago I bought this beautiful Blubird purse (pictured) because I wanted something flatter and lighter to travel to India with (my usual purse was thick and bulky like most women’s purses). The plan was to revert back to my bulky purse when I returned from India but I got used to traveling a bit lighter so I carried on with this new flatter, prettier option.

Anyway a year later and my beloved Bluebird purse is falling apart at the seams literally, so I start searching for a new purse. Looking through all the bits and bobs that I keep in my purse I realise that I don’t need  half of the stuff in there . . .  which means theoretically I could downsize again?

I have in mind the kind of purse that would suit me to a tea. A vintage style leather coin purse with a clip fasten and two compartments, one for money and one for cards. I look on eBay and come across a perfect match. It’s a second-hand dark blue leather purse with a camel coloured felt interior  . . . and a starting bid of 99 pence! I end up being the only bidder and it’s mine for just £1. It arrived in the post just now and it’s so lovely and in excellent condition. Meanwhile I’ve also sold a TOMTOM GPS on eBay for £37 ($58 AU). It feels so good to reuse, recycle, purge and live with less stuff. Less is definitely more and one persons trash is often someone else’s treasure.

So what about you? Done any purging or simplifying lately?


2 Comments on “Downsizing

  1. Wow Linda, 8.5kg’s for a few months in India? You are my travelling light role model! I like the points you raised about people yearning to be lighter . . on all levels, so true! Look forward to catching up. I return to the GC this weekend, besos x

  2. I agree entirely with ‘downsizing’ which basically helps to ‘unclutter’ your life. It seems that 2012 has been a catalyst for this where so many people yearn to be ‘lighter’ be it emotionally, spiritually and physically. ‘things’ just weigh us down. I arrived in india for a few months with 8.5kgs luggage and much of that was cables/electronics and toileteries. I have found that you can UNLEARN to collect stuff. So Danielle – I’m with you girl on ‘downsizing’.

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