A Perfect Night In

I’m like a pig in mud tonight. Jon and Cyril (my father inlaw) have gone down to the pub to catch up with some friends and I’ve opted to stay in. This is a rare treat for me these past 6 months. Anyway here I am in country Hampshire England cooking up a Tortilla Española while sipping a glass of red wine from Chateau La Canorgue in France (where they filmed “A Good Year” with Russel Crowe, more on that in my next post) and nibbling on some of Cyril’s vintage cheddar cheese. I’m off to the lounge now to put my feet up and watch Grand Designs . . . .  for me it just doesn’t get much better than this. It’s pure bliss.


2 Comments on “A Perfect Night In

  1. Thanks Mel . . . . I know you understand where I’m coming from, especially being a Grand Designs fan yourself : ) Glad you loved the Pcard x

  2. sounds purely decadent Dani! the little things in life are so pleasurable. love Mel xx PS. Loved your postcard from Spain!

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