London Calling

Just like migrating birds, Spaniards tend to head north for their summer especially during August the hottest month of the year. We too have been taking our respite from the Sevilla heat in the lush green countryside of Hamshire County south of London. Within a few days of arriving here at Cyril’s house (my father-in-law) we were joined by my cousin Patrick from Ireland, then cousin Salvador from Spain and finally my Dad Bernie and Jeanette from Australia.

Together we’ve been doing some Rambling and taking in a few of England’s most famous landmarks including; Stonehenge, Oxford (University City), Tower of London, Tower Bridge, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square.

I really enjoyed watching The Tudors TV series based upon the reign of King Henry VIII of England so I was fascinated with seeing the Tower of London where King Henry lived with all his wives. And although I’d been to London once or twice before I’d never ridden on a London Bus or one one of those gorgeous black London Taxi’s, this time I was able to do both and as such tick a few more items off The Bucket List.

In a few days we return to Spain with Dad and Jeanette where we plan to visit Morocco and Portugal after showing them around Sevilla.

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