Australian Chic

Outside Australia Foster’s Lager is surprisingly popular, especially with the Pom’s here in the UK . . . . oh I mean with the British (they don’t like being called Pom’s).

As I was leaving our local Sainsbury’s supermarket in Alton yesterday I was amused to see this Foster’s Gold advertisement with the words “Australian Chic”. Of course Australian’s would definitely not use the word “Foster’s” and “chic” in the same sentence. As I looked at the poster however I had to admit . . .  the embossed bottle of chilled Foster’s Lager sitting next to some freshly cut cucumber sandwiches did actually look very um . . . chic . . . if not totally un-Australian ;-).

Today I found this TV comercial on Youtube which perfectly sums up my sentiments on first seeing this advertising campaign, it’s bloody hilarious! Well done Fosters.


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