The Kitty System

I want to tell you about this arrangement I’ve come across in España which I call the “Kitty System”.  I came across the Kitty System during the first few days in España at La Feria de Abril. How it works is that everyone in the group you are socialising with deposits an amount of money in to the ‘kitty’ to cover the cost of food and drinks for the duration of your fiesta. For example at La Feria Jon put in to the kitty 50 Euros for the both of us and everyone in our party did the same. It’s such a clever idea. I don’t know how many times I’ve been out socialising in Australia and I see Jon is always the person to shout everyone his or her first drink, which is wonderfully hospitable. However Jon will then end up buying everyone their second drink and sometimes the third! People just happily accept his generous offers without ever thinking to offer him a drink!? (He doesn’t seem to notice this at all  . . . but I do.) The Kitty System solves all of this. We adopted this approach recently when Jon’s best friend and Cousin came and stayed with us from the UK. It made life so much easier. The kitty paid for everything from groceries to beers to taxi’s and meals at restaurants. When the kitty ran low everyone just topped it up again. Perhaps this kitty system exists in other places but I’ve never seen it before. One thing I know is that I’ll be promoting it when we get back to Australia.


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