Vallagorguina – Catalunya Country

Continuing on our road trip Jon and I travelled on to the village of Vallgorguina, situated 55km North East of Barcelona in the heart of Catalunya Country. The purpose of this stop was to visit our Brother In-law and Nephew, Manolo and Ramon. Both father and son are Farriers by trade and work at a picturesque horse stables (‘hipica’ in Esponol) in the hills of Vallgorguina. Ramon greeted us with a warm smile and strong embrace then invited us into the stable bar for a cool drink. This was my third visit to the stables over the years and I just adore the place. It’s so green, earthy, rustic and the summer temperatures so pleasant compared to Southern Spain. Manolo joined us shortly after and we all sat for a while and enjoyed catching up. The owners of the hipica Margareta and Pepita came out form the restaurant kitchen to welcome us back to Can Virgili and invite Jon and I to stay for lunch. Of course we gladly accepted their invitation. As lunch was due to be served in another hour Jon and I meandered around the stables getting to know the horses and watching Ramon work his craft. Come lunch time Margareta and Pepita served us a delicious meal complete with gazpacho and local wine. It really was one of the most memorable lunches we’ve enjoyed here in Spain. As we sipped our coffee after lunch I asked Manolo if the vegetables we had just enjoyed were grown locally. Manolo enthusiastically jumped up from his seat and lead Jon and I through the kitchen and out the back to a wonderful vegetable garden. Strangely I was quite moved by seeing this garden and my heart ached from either wanting one of these gardens myself, or perhaps just not wanting to leave this little piece of paradise in the Vallgorguina hills. Regrettably we said our goodbyes after lunch and said we’d like to return in September when my Dad will be visiting from Australia.

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