Memory Lane – Maragall, Barcelona

After disembarking from the AVE in Barcelona and picking up our hire car, Jon and I drove over to the suburb of Maragall for a trip down memory lane. As a young boy of 6 years Jon was sent to Spain under doctors orders due to his asthma condition. He lived in Plaza Maragall close to the centre of Barcelona for about 6 months. When he arrived he did not speak a word of Spanish and his Aunties, Uncles and Cousins not a word of English – so it was a complete emersion in the Spanish language and culture. By the time Jon returned to the UK he didn’t remember any English so he had to learn it all over again.

In the 3-minute video below Jon starts off by showing us the drain where his toy truck fell into while playing as a young boy. This incident is burnt into Jon’s memory because he remembers getting into big trouble from his Aunty.  Across the road is the one bedroom apartment where Jon lived with his Aunty Pepa, Uncle Cristobal, Grandmother Yaya and cousins Jesus & Jose Maria (yes thats right, 6 people in a 1-bedroom apartment, yikes!). Walking down the street Jon notes where there used to be apartment buildings on both sides of the road and how the street looks so different now. Jon also points out the street where a picture was taken of him on his First Holy Communion and close by is a cinema where his Aunty would take him when he was a good boy. Next we see a brief glimpse of the church Yaya used to go to then Jon points towards a playground and ice cream kiosk that he used to frequent. Close by is the doctor’s surgery where he would  get jabs in his backside for asthma, and an amusement arcade where his cousins taught him to play footbaline. Across the road is the corner where Jon would wait as a 6-year-old for his Uncle Pedro to pick him up in his work truck. Jon would travel around with his uncle for the day doing wine deliveries. At the end of the video we drive to another part of town to see the apartment where Jon’s Aunty Ana, Uncle Eusabio and Cousin Anna-Maria’s used to live.


5 Comments on “Memory Lane – Maragall, Barcelona

  1. Hey Rosi & Shona, thanks for your heart felt comments. Although it was a little sad in some ways, it was great to return to Maragall and walk through my old stomping ground. Things have certainly changed in this neighbourhood.

  2. Thanks Jules, yes it was great to see Jon reminiscing about his young life in Spain, surrounded with loads of Aunty’s, Uncles and Cousins. My younger years were much different and growing up I didn’t have that much to do with my relatives- apart from my grand parents. So in a way I get to live the experience through Jon.

  3. Wow what a story & look how strong it’s made you. I just love that city with all it’s contrasts, it’s amazing. Love to you both xxxx

  4. Your trip down Memory Lane makes me happy and sad at the same time. So many lost and precious people from our lives. Thanks for doing this Jon and Dani, it makes me appreciate what we had and have in our great family xxx

  5. Hi Guys,
    Your visit to Maragall, Barcelona was a wonderful opportunity for Jon to be able to relive some childhood memories. I guess the experience must have been exciting and nostalgic!
    Great presentation! Great blog! Thanks…
    Cheers, Jules

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