Discover Rural Ibiza

Back in May Jon and I spent 4 fabulous days on the Island of Ibiza – the homeland of my Spanish ancestors. We really enjoyed experiencing the side of Ibiza that many people don’t get to see – rural Ibiza. On return from our stay I wrote an article for The Spain Scoop which can be found here Want More Than Disco On Ibiza Island? Ten Tips!. The hyperlinks to some special places we experienced don’t appear on The Spain Scoop article so I’d like to share them with you now . . . . .

  1. Can Pujolet: we spent 4 nights in this gorgeous traditional Ibizan finca. Leena the onsite manager was a fantastic hostess and we just loved every minute of our stay here.
  2. Can Cires, a gorgeous country bar and restaurant operated by a lovely couple Victoria and Francis. If you go here ask for their house speciality “Flambé”, flat pizza bread topped with onion, garlic and cheese sauce.
  3. Can Cosmi in Santa Ines de Corona, (about a 5 min drive from above) they are famed as having the best Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette) on the island.
  4. Centauro Rent a Car these guys were very polite, professional and spoke good English.

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4 Comments on “Discover Rural Ibiza

  1. Hi Dani

    That was a great article. You should be writing for travel magazines and blogs. It’s great being able to read about different places especially when you know the author.
    Di x x

  2. Congratulations Dani…well done! A great article, interesting and informative. It’s great to read about the island’s “counterculture”. Makes me want to go there.
    Travel writer extraordinaire!

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