Sightseeing in Sevilla

One of the great benefits of traveling abroad is meeting interesting people and forming new friendships. In October last year while on a yoga & meditation tour in India I met Jules from Melbourne, Australia. Jules and I got along straight away sharing many simular views and interests. We’d not been in contact much this year so I was delighted to discover recently that Jules has been living in Spain for the past two months . . .  and was going to be visiting Sevilla this week.

Today  we caught up over lunch at Bodeguita Romero, a wonderful taperia hidden away from the main tourist traps of Sevilla. The food and service here is second to none and definitely somewhere I look forward to returning to. After enjoying lunch we headed over to the Museo de Baile Flamenco where we learnt about the origins of Flamenco . .  and appreciated a  reprieve from the heat.

Next we strolled around the Santa Cruz district and stumbled across Aire de Sevilla Arab Baths. Being the curious creatures that Jules and I are we went in to explore. In addition to the baths there was a gorgeous Arabic lounge on the first floor where we relaxed and tasted fragrant teas and arabic sweets.

To finish the day we watched the sunset over La Catedral from the terrace at Hotel Doña Maria, chatting. laughing and sipping Tinto de Verano until midnight.

It was a most perfect rendezvous.


3 Comments on “Sightseeing in Sevilla

  1. Hi Dani,

    Yes it was the most perfect rendezvous! Thank you so much. My brief stay in Sevilla will always be a memorable one.

    Not only did we have a great ‘catch up’ on Saturday but the next day I had the good fortune to experience first hand the delights of true home style Spanish cuisine and hospitality. A big thank you to Jon’s cousins for inviting me into their home for lunch. The enjoyment of the occasion extended somewhat and mid evening, as if by magic, dinner arrived. Then we whiled away the remainder of the balmy evening reminiscing about earlier times with the aid of photos and much laughter. It was a splendid affair and the food was delicious!
    With much gratitude in my heart…thanks guys!

    And yes Dani…I’m sure you’ll have ample material and you definitely have a truckload of talent to produce an very engaging read. I expect an invite to the book launch!

  2. Hola Mariana! Thanks for stopping by my Blog. Having a wonderful time as you can see and yes enjoying every moment. My only little challenge here is trying to not eat too much, which is hard because everything is so good!

  3. What a perfect rendez vous indeed. I hope you intend you write a book after your journey’s end. I’ll be first in line to buy a copy. Seems like you are savouring each and every moment – oh – and the food too!
    Best of wishes from Mariana G.

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