Volunteering in Spain

Volunteering in another country is an excellent way to emerse yourself into a new culture, gain some new skills and enjoy new experiences at the same time. Prior to arriving in Spain Jon and I knew that this is something we would love to do.

Jon was interested in working in a bar so he could improve his Spanish language skills, learn some tapas recipes, get to know the locals . . . and have a break from his computer work.

For me I knew it would be important to get out of the house so I could obtain some Spanish language skills (being with Jon 24/7 and speaking English was not going to get me anywhere). I started my search for a volunteer placement with Workaway.info, a site set up to promote fair exchange between travellers, language learners, culture seekers, and; families, individuals or organisations who are looking for help with a range of varied and interesting activities.

After making a few inquires via Workaway, I settled on volunteer placement at a private house where English, German and Spanish are taught to both children and adults. My placement involves assisting with the English summer academy for Spanish children  aged 5 to 11. The program is heaps of fun and includes things like; making pizzas, swimming, games in the park, singing, dancing and water pistol fights. Today I had the kids singing and doing the actions to “Home among the Gum Trees“, and “Head Shoulders Knees & Toes“. It was very funny. The kids leave at 2pm at which point the language of the house switches to Spanish as we prepare and then eat lunch with the family. After lunch I have some private Spanish tuition before taking the train home. It’s been a very worthwhile investment of my time and I’ve picked up little bits of Spanish here and there from the kids too (even though they are supposed to only speak in English).

Jon was able to secure his volunteer placement through family connections. He is working a couple of days a week for about 2 hours a day at a little bar in Sevilla city pulling beers and making tapas . . . just like he intended. A few days ago I visited Jon during his shift and he made the delicious tapa in the image above.

4 Comments on “Volunteering in Spain

  1. Hey Col thanks for stopping by and commenting. Yep having a ball. We just started a 9 day road trip around Spain. Arrived in Pamplona just now for San Fermin – Running with the Bulls. Everyone is dressed in white with red scarfs around their neck . . . it’s like a uniform. Tomorrow morning we’ll get to see the bull run : )

  2. Hey Fiona, I guess the currency I’m getting paid in is ‘Spanish tuition’ so it’s a win win . . . and it’s good to hang out with a Spanish family too : )

  3. Sounds like fun for both of you – my son is doing similar activities in the summer programme at his school. It’s a strange thought that you’re working for free, when so many don’t even have a paid job!! They’re lucky to have you.

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