Tapa, Dani Style

This is a quick little tapa I created today for a light lunch . . .  not the done thing is Spain to have a ‘light’ lunch but we didn’t feel like having much today.

The following ingredients were sauteed and then topped onto some crunchy, nutty, wholemeal toast . . . with butter and a little egg mayonaise . . . .

Chicken, Borlotti beans, corn kernels, dried cranberries, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, garlic, lime juice and a splash of vinegar.

(Pollo, frijoles Borlotti, granos de maíz, arándanos, tomates secos, piñones, ajo, jugo de limón y un chorrito de vinagre).


3 Comments on “Tapa, Dani Style

  1. Hola Jules!!!! So good to hear from you. I received your email a few weeks ago and I couldn’t believe you were also in Spain. I’ve been meaning to touch base with you. Yes of course would love to catchup when you come to Sevilla. Send me an email with the dates you are here, besos

  2. Hi Dani,
    It´s Jules here. Remember me…last October we were on the same tour with Tara Das in India. I´ve been reading your blog with great interest. Sounds and looks as though you´re having a fabulous time in Sevilla.
    I´ve been in Spain for the last two months. Had 10 days with my son who lives in Valencia. Then spent about 6 weeks walking the Camino Frances. Had a few days in Lugo and Madrid and am now back in Valencia.
    Tomorrow I´m going to Granada for 2-3 days then on to Sevilla.
    Would love to catch up with you while I´m there.
    Let me know if that would be convenient.
    Hasta luego

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