Parties, places & piscinas

I feel like I’ve lost a bit of my writing mojo at present so I’m going to tell you what we’ve been up to in pictures . . . lots of them!

As the title of this post suggests there has been a lot of sightseeing, swimming  and entertaining. I particularly enjoyed Mayte’s ‘White Party‘  . . . . although staying up until 3am drinking Mojito’s definitely didn’t agree with me the next day!

Another highlight of the last week or so was going to Hotel Dona Maria in the centre of Sevilla with our UK visitors Moz, Steve and Andy. We all really loved cooling down by the pool and admiring the view of the Cathedral and La Giralda. In the evening we enjoyed the ‘menú degustación’ at Vineria San Telmo – 5 courses for only 22 €!


4 Comments on “Parties, places & piscinas

  1. There is no need for words the photos said it all – they are great. U both look so relaxed! Loved them! XOXO

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