Bicycle with Basket . . . a romantic notion

It was hard to imagine what it would be like to live in Spain. Seriously it was just too unimaginable and not what the average person does, so I didn’t form any expectations of what our life would be like.

I did however hold a romantic notion that I’d have a gorgeous little bicycle with a basket at the front, so I could ride into the village each morning and buy fresh bread. Well mis amigos (my friends) . . . . that moment has arrived!

I am now the proud owner of  a “Topbike City 40 26” with 6-speeds, mudguards, rack stand, night lights front and back, V-Brakes and Alloy wheels. All for just €120! I’m so pleased. Now I’ll be able to go on some lovely morning and evening rides and explore the local area in a bit more detail. I’ll also be able to cycle off some excess padding that has settled around my waist : ).

So what shall I call my new companion? Suggestions?


4 Comments on “Bicycle with Basket . . . a romantic notion

  1. Oh no Angie! I can just imagine. So were you on the seat and Mark was on the pedals? Jon and I did ride like this for about 100 meters the other night in Sevilla. I was amazed we didn’t crash. I was steering and Jon was behind me, oh boy! It was pretty funny x x

  2. You are living the dream…. how wonderful. Just stay away from’ dinking’ Jon on the bike – I think that is what we used to call it in school, as that may not turn out so romantic! The last time Mark and I did tandem on a bike we ended up in the bushes on the corner of our street in front of peak traffic. I can laugh now but gee I had a bruised bum and ego & swore I would never do it again!! XO

  3. Cheers for the reblog elberchulero! Riding in the hills of Alpujarra and visiting the farmers markets, vineyards and wineries sounds fabulous! Is it possible to hire bicycles in Alpujarra or do you need to BYO?

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