Tapas Bar – La Societé vinos y viandas

La Societe Vinos y ViandasAfter a busy morning in Sevilla registering for my Número de Identificación de Extranjero “NIE” (Foreign Identification Number) we were pleased to stumble across a terrific little wine bar called La Societé vinos y viandas. On the street the temperature was a very warm 36˚C so we scrambled inside and took a seat up at the bar. Unlike many of the traditional tapas bars around Sevilla which are covered in decorative tiles, social photos and shrines to the Virgin Mary, La Societé is modern, minimalist . . . and yet very amiable. The clever mix of raw wooden benches, ceramic plates, flower pots and ambient lighting work together to make you feel at home. Unfortunately the barman / tapas maker didn’t exude the same warmth as the aesthetics. He wasn’t rude, he just didn’t make any effort to be friendly. That seemed to change however once I started walking around the bar snapping photos of the establishment and the food. Perhaps he thought I was a food critic (which I secretly am) and that’s why we started getting a few smiles out of him. Anyway grumpy barman aside the wine was excellent, we had the Ocnoss Chardonnay a local wine from Sierra  Norte de Sevilla, and the food was incredible!

To start with we ordered the “Torre de tomate con mozzarella al pesto”, everything about this tapa was devine. The tasty tomatoes, the smooth mozzarella and the best basil pesto I’ve ever had.

Next we enjoyed the “Pate de la casa con tostas” . . . fairly easy to translate this one . .  house pate with toast. Again very very good.

And finally we devoured the “Pincho de morcilla cabra y mermelada de cebolla”, black pudding sausage with goats cheese on toast with onion jam. Just delicious!

Will we be back? Definitely! La Societé is now on our list of top places to take our friends and family when they come to Sevilla. Hopefully next time we’ll get a few more smiles ; )



2 Comments on “Tapas Bar – La Societé vinos y viandas

  1. Thanks Di, it was lots of fun doing the ‘research’, writing this post and preparing the images. Always fancied being a food writer . . . now I can be : )

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