Girl About Town – Getting to Know Sevilla

Friday was my last day of Bachelorette’ing in Sevilla City before returning to Jon and our casa, so I made the most of it.

In the morning I had to skip my last Spanish class due to a fatal hair colouring mishap the night before (I ended up a blonde!) Thankfully by mid morning my colour was sorted out and I was happy . . . even if my hair did look as red as the girl on the Redheads Matchbox 😉 .

At a near by cafe I sat up at the bar and confidently ordered myself “una café con leche y una tostada de jamón y tomate por favor“. Feeling quite pleased with myself I sipped on my coffee while I consulted a map of Sevilla to plan my day.

Around the corner was a tram station for the city’s light rail system. I wasn’t 100% sure where the tram would take me but I figured I couldn’t get too lost so I jumped on. After a couple of stops I saw we were coming up to Hotel Alfonzo XIII which I’d been dying to see. I stepped off the tram and approached the Hotel. The gate and entrance were very impressive and I felt hesitant to enter . . . I didn’t let that show though. With shoulders back and head high I strutted into the foyer as if I was meant to be there, being careful not to make eye contact with anyone. Beyond the reception and foyer area was a gorgeous internal patio and lounge area. I continued walking through the hotel until I came to the Bodega Alfonso bar where I ordered myself a cerveza, silly not to! Hotel Alfonzo XIII is such an extraordinary place and I’d love to spend more time there. The rooms however are about $400 per night so I won’t be staying there anytime soon.

After quenching my thirst I walked around the city for a little while but I quickly became exhausted and was considering going back to my room. That was until I successfully hired one of the city bicycles! On two other occasions I had tried to use the silly machine to hire a bike but it kept rejecting my credit card. This time it worked and I was so pleased. All of a sudden I was full of energy and I could go anywhere! I rode across the Guadalquivir River bridge into Triana and then along the river bank. It was so much fun. To top off a perfect day I found myself a beautiful pair of red shoes. What more could a gilr want?


4 Comments on “Girl About Town – Getting to Know Sevilla

  1. No I did mean Huelva. I really like Pedro Ximenez and apparently this is grown a lot in Huelva. Anyway we drove around Huelva last week but didn’t end up going to any wineries. I’ve worked out that it’s not common for wineries to be open to the public here for wine tasting and lunch . . . . not like they are in Australia.

  2. Excellent insider summary of the hotel Fiona, thanks! Now have you been to Huelva? I’m interested in visiting some wineries there. Been looking around for some blog posts on this without success.

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