La Feria de Abril

Sevilla 2012

Our first few days in Sevilla

Jon and I were happy to arrive safe and sound in Sevilla Monday afternoon in the 405. We were both pleasantly surprised with the condition of the house, which has been vacant and closed up for the past few years.

A cleaner had been in the day before to give the place a spring clean and open up all the windows (I’ll load some pics of the house in a future post). The next few days were spent unpacking, making the place our own and catching up with Jon’s cousin Pepito and his wife Miate.

I was invited by Miate to go the ‘Ladies Day’ at La Feria (Spain’s most famous Flamenco Festival) with a group of her friends which I gladly accepted, although I was a little nervous about heading out without my translator. I knew it would be the best thing for kickstarting my tuition, a baptism of fire if you will into the Spanish language and culture.

The day began at a little bar where all Miate and I met with her friends for a chat and a cerveza. As each woman arrived they confidently paraded their dresses and twirled around referring to themselves as ‘guapa!’ . . .beautiful.

They are a really confident bunch these women of Seville, las Sevillanas.

We finished our drinks and took a short walk to a square where a horse and cart was waiting for us. We rode around the city and weaved our way towards La Feria while the chicas wholeheartedly chanted out local folk songs.

Once at La Feria we headed to our ‘caseta’ and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with food, dance, singing and lots of laughter. At one point I even had half the people in the caseta singing ‘La Bumba’, the only Spanish song I know. The husbands joined us at 7pm and we continued our fiesta into the night going from caseta to caseta, Ole!


12 Comments on “La Feria de Abril

  1. PS from Di. Just took a closer look at the photos to see you in your Flamenco dress. Mama Mia.! Lucky you have a husband already or you would be beating the boys off with a stick !!!
    D x x

  2. Hi Danielle
    wow its all looks fabulous. Where’s my paintbrushes!! I would love to spend some time painting all those georgeous ladies. How are you enjoying the food? Your senses must be going wild. Really enjoying your blog. It’s almost as good as being there. Well, almost……
    Love Di x

  3. Thanks Angie, it was a really wonderful day. If I’m ever here again for the Feria I’m getting myself a proper flamenco dress : )

  4. Thanks Cat, mucho gusto conocerte! I’ve just been checking out your blog and I love it! You are a talented writer. I will be in touch, currently investigating language schools and doing a placement.

  5. Welcome to Seville! As a foreigner myself here I feel my absolute best at the Feria with my tight dress and huge flower on top of my head. What a great way to start your life here. Stop by any time at my blog, or get in touch if you need advice, etc.!

  6. I agree with Terri the videos are great you really get taken away with the moment no matter how short. The dresses are amazing, its so wonderful to see women dress as women you all looked gorgeous.

  7. Hey Terri, buenos días! Glad you’re enjoying it. It feels like I’ve got such a huge way to go with the language but bit by bit I’ll get there. Can understand a lot more than I can actually speak 😉

  8. Another wonderful blog Dani. I love your video clips. So nice to feel like I’m actually there, even for a brief minute. You are definitely going to be speaking fluent Spanish by the time you get back.

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