Family, Food & Fiesta in Barcelona, Spain

Hola amigos, we are now over the boarder  into España and have spent the past 2 days with Aunty Pepa, cousin Jesus and his family. We’ve enjoyed some fabulous family lunches and it’s been so good to see Jon in his element, catching up with his relatives and speaking Spanish. I’ve been doing a lot of nodding and smiling as the family enthusiastically reminisce about their younger years and update Jon on all the family politics. Occasionally someone will refer to me  . . “tu kangoorita”, (your kangaroo . . .  a term of endearment) in which case they all look at me and then after some dialoge back and forth, they all laugh out loud. At which point I ask Jon “what did they say?”. Needless to say learning Spanish has been pushed up higher on the priority list. Tonight we are staying in Albacete which is half way between Barcelona and Sevilla. We are both looking forward to settling in to our new home away from home and getting back into some sort of routine. We’ll have a day to settle in and then we’ll be off to La Feria de Abril for more family, food and fiesta. Hasta luego amigos.


3 Comments on “Family, Food & Fiesta in Barcelona, Spain

  1. Loving the blog gorgeous!! I can just imagine you at the table, a fish out of water. They speak so fast but it sounds so awesome. You are so lucky, Jon can turn from an Aussie, to a Pom and then into a spanish god all in one sentence! The file must be full. XOXO

  2. Hey Rosie! Great to hear from you! Thank for your comment. Let the gang know that I’ve already been making good use of the electronic translator . . . came in handy for France too x

  3. Hi Dani,

    It looks and sounds like you are having an amazing time, so good to see you both catching up with family- it can get pretty loud around the Spanish folk over meal time. Keep us posted on all your adventures. The Kangaroo thing is really cute.

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