Having Faith in the 405

Faith is one of those things, it requires that you believe in something even though you haven’t experienced it or even seen it. And that’s exactly what Dani and I did, we had faith in Cyrils’s old Peugeot 405.

It was my suggestion to drive to Sevilla via France so we could see the French countryside and experience some French culture along the way in their little villages. Dad kindly offered us his beloved 405 which he’s owned for the past 12 years. It hadn’t been driven much in the past 9 months so as soon as we arrived in the UK, Dani and I started driving it around . . . and that’s when we started getting to know the 405 and its mannerism’s. For example, after enjoying a lovely Indian meal at a restaurant in Farnham, the 405 wouldn’t start. My mate Steve ended up calling the AA (roadside assistance) and 40 minutes later they arrived and got us started. Since then we’ve all held our breath each time we need to turn the ignition over. It usually takes about 3 goes for me to start it up, but not Dad, he get’s it going first time every time. Dad doesn’t know what I’m going on about when I say the car won’t start.

Anyway, the 405 has been pretty good for us as we travel through France. The only minor scare was when we were lined up to board the Brittany Ferry to Cherbourg. I suddenly felt faint as I saw the temperature gauge go up and the red radiator light went on. There was also what appeared to be steam coming from the bonnet. To top it off, the 405 took 4 goes to get started. Weaker men would have turned back there and then, but not me, I had Faith! Needless to say, I managed to get her onboard the Normandy Express and breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn’t sure what (if anything) was going to happen in Cherbourg, but that was 3 hours away and a lot can happen in 3 hours.

Following a rough crossing, we got back in the 405 and waited with bated breath as it was drawing near to our turn to start up and get going. You wouldn’t believe it, the 405 came to life as I turned the key for the first time. It was as if the 405 knew it was returning home to France. Weird!!

So, 877 miles later, nearly two tanks of Diesel and a temperature gauge sitting at a constant 70 degrees, the 405 has reached Laval in the South of France. That’s just over 50% of the journey done!

My Faith in the ole 405 is growing stronger as every day passes. What about you? Ever had simular challenges with a vehicle when travelling long distances?


5 Comments on “Having Faith in the 405

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  2. Thanks Steve, we’ll keep you updated in the 405. Minimal internet access at present.

  3. Hi Guys, now this is what I’m talking about, engine pictures and all. Loving the blogs . Keep on trucking dudes.

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