Driving through rural France

We are really loving the French leg of our journey to Sevilla. Last night we stayed in a village called Chateauneuf La Foret . . . don’t you just love that name? I kept saying it over and over in a French accent while I was there. The chambre d’hote we stayed in was La Croie du Reh and the owners Galina and Peter were wonderful hosts. Many English folk are being drawn to this area due to its beauty and low priced real estate. Lovely 3 bedroom stone houses are going for between 70 – 90 thousand Euros. Speaking of French real estate some good friends of ours Roland and Shona in the UK have a property near the town of Quillan in the south of France. They generously invited Jon and I to stay there on our way through to Spain. Magnifique! The drive out to Quillan from the main highway was just breathtaking. I’m usually quite keen to arrive at the next destination however this portion of the journey I didn’t want to end. The rolling hills were spotted with distant castles surrounded by houses and buildings, like little empires. It was hard to capture what I saw on camera, as there was no room to pullover on the narrow roads. When we arrived at Roland and Shona’s place we were blown away. It’s positioned in a gorgeous little village and looks onto the village square. It has three levels and 4 bedrooms which we had all to ourselves.

Before I sign off I’d like to announce that my husband, mi vida (my life) Jon will be co-contributing to this Blog from time to time, the first of which will be posted in the next 24 hours. Jon’s post has been inspired by one of our readers questions about Cyril’s Peugeot (thanks Steve C).

If you’re reading this post we’d love to receive your comments below and we’ll be sure to respond back to you. Au avoir x


9 Comments on “Driving through rural France

  1. Only stayed in the gorgeous Menton to do our must see Monaco tour. Was very cute .. on our list to stay in more country France, country England, lots more Spain, Italy and Sicily as always … the list is forever growing :)) Enjoy your time it goes way too quickly .. the language will come, when we were in Italy Ian kept a small notebook with him and he’d write down phrases and words he wanted to use and would keep adding to it. After 2 weeks with my rellies in Sicily he had quite a few things he could communicate to them without me.

  2. Hey Jazz, your Dad did well din’t he with his post? We’ve not had internet access for the past few days so we’ll put some pics up soon of Barcelona. Love you x

  3. Hey Di, yes that’s what everyone says . . . that we might not want to come back. We’re already craving some normality . . . getting into a bit of a routine. We’ve been living out of our small suitcases the past 12 days and can’t wait to settle in at our new home away from home in Sevilla tomorrow.

  4. hahahha awwhh cute dads writing too. didnt know you guys went through france. it looks lovely dani. love you both. xx

  5. Hi Danielle

    I have been reading all your posts and all the places you are visiting look amazing. I love the village outside your friends place. Look out you might not want to come home.!!! Hope you are having great fun. Look forward to next post
    Love Di x

  6. Thanks for the encouragement Sarina. Yep have just given Jon a slap on the back for you guys. Have you guys been down this way?

  7. Hey TC thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope you are well. We’re right at the bottom of France now and will be leaving for Barcelona in an hour or so.

  8. So great to read your blog Dani. It sounds absolutely amazing – looks like you’ve settled in nicely to life abroad 🙂

  9. Am loving the blog Danielle! Enjoy your travels, give Jon a slap on the back for us 🙂 S n I xx

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