Sunday Roast Traditions

Sunday Roast is BIG business here in the UK. Families frequently gather with their children, parents, nan’s & pop’s, uncles & aunties and cousins for a pub lunch or home cooked roast. This Sunday it was a home cooked roast pork for the Gardner Clan. Preparations started at 11.30am. Potatoes and carrots were peeled, pork was dressed and then everything placed in a hot oven. Then as per Gardner tradition aprons were whipped off and we all popped down to Cyril’s local (‘The Rose & Crown’ no less) for a couple of drinks while lunch roasted. On return home Jon made a fresh gravy and apple sauce, beans and peas were boiled and the wine was poured. The roast was delicious, especially the roast carrots and potatoes. No sooner than the plates were cleared, apple pie and cream quickly followed (no gaps between lunch and dessert around here!). I was sedated . . . again! I’m sure you would not be surprised to hear I’ve put on a few kilos in the last 7 days. I’m definitely going to need to get myself a very physical type of job in Sevilla. If only to keep me out of foods way! After lunch we all pitched in and washed up before going for a long  afternoon walk. All I really wanted was a siesta, but I knew a bit of exercise would do me the world of good. Outside it was blue skies and the sun was shining but I swear it must have been 3 degrees, or less! After our walk Jon and his sister Julie met some friends back at The Sun Inn, I opted for a little time out and an early night.


2 Comments on “Sunday Roast Traditions

  1. I bought a long feather down jacket a few days ago and it’s awesome for this weather, I’m snug as a bug now : ). All I need to wear underneath is jeans and long t-shirt.

  2. It does look cold but beautiful. Fruit picking in Seville maybe the way to go to keep fit.

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