Port Issac (aka Portwenn) Cornwall

“Does anyone here have a genuine medical problem!” This is the famous catch phrase of Doc Martin, he is so funny. Port Issac is delightful, so quaint, so cute and such a tiny little village. You can barely drive through the little streets and most people don’t, they’re all on foot . . . except us when we arrived. Jon edged his way through the village in our little Toyota Aygo while local villagers looked on disapprovingly. Awkward! We were forced to turn around and head back through the village when the narrow streets converged into meter wide laneways. On the return trip we spotted the school building used in the Doc Martin TV series and pulled over to take a peek. Turns out it’s not a real school but a hotel and B&B. Excellent, just what we were after! They had a room available for the night so we quickly snatched it up. The room was lovely and would you believe we had a direct view of the fishing port and Doc Martin’s surgery.  After checking in we went and explored the village (on foot this time).  We found the shop that is converted to a chemist for the TV series, Large’s Restaurant, Louisa Glasson’s house and of course Doc Martin’s surgery /house. Of course if you’ve never seen the TV series that will all mean nothing to you . . . but very exciting to us that do : ).


6 Comments on “Port Issac (aka Portwenn) Cornwall

  1. Hey Sarina! Thanks for stopping by. Apparently there a loads of holiday cottages you can rent out around Port Issac, would be a lovely vacation for you and the family x x.

  2. Love Doc Martin … plan to one day visit and may stay for a while … looks adorable!

  3. We’re loving it guys! We want to eat scones too! Love the photo of doc martins village – adorable xx Mel and terry

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