Devonshire Tea in Devon

We decided to take an impromptu road trip yesterday and found ourselves in Dartmouth in the county of Devon, about a 3 ½ hour drive from Cyril’s (Jon’s Dads) house. After exploring Dartmouth village on foot we popped into a couple of quaint little pubs for a pint or two, my favourite was the Cherub Inn. We stayed overnight at the Dartmouth Hotel and this morning made a point of trying the county’s world famous ‘Devonshire Tea’. The scones were amazing. Slightly crispy on the outside, and light and soft on the inside. Served as per the Devon tradition with clotted cream and strawberry jam. We had the pleasure of enjoying our Devonshire Tea while visiting the old home of murder mystery writer Agatha Christie.

This afternoon we’re driving on to the picturesque seaside town of Port Issac in North Cornwall. The British television comedy drama ‘Doc Martin’ (starring Martin Clunes) is filmed there and is a favourite show of ours so we are really looking forward to exploring the village.


9 Comments on “Devonshire Tea in Devon

  1. Hi Di, I’ve posted some pics of Portwenn . . .as it’s known by in the series. We enjoyed the village so much. It’s been the highlight of our journey thus far x

  2. Those scones look too good – Mark’s mum has always said no-one makes scones better than the English and I think she is right!!

  3. Hi Dani
    Sounds like you two are having awesome time. Say Hi to Martin Clunes if you see him. Kris x

  4. Oh, how wonderful!!! I’d love to go visit the Doc Martin location. It looks absolutely beautiful. Do post some photos, Danni. Stay well and travel safely. God bless.
    Dianne C-S

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