Cold, rainy and runny

Arrived at Heathrow safe and sound early yesterday to a chilly 9 degrees, rain and a runny nose that I picked up from the aeroplane. Jon’s dad and sister met us at the airport and drove us back to the family home (pictured) in country Hampshire which is where we will be based for the next 7 days. In the evening we enjoyed the first of many pub meals at The Sun Inn.


8 Comments on “Cold, rainy and runny

  1. Hi Di, thanks for following our Blog. Enjoying our comments too. It’s pretty cold here in Hampshire, I’ve just gone and bought myself a knee length coat today.

  2. Yeah the house does look cold doesn’t it. It’s warm inside though with the central heating and you can actually walk around in a t-shirt. I’ve just posted a couple more shots of the inside and the back of the house where the sun pours in nicely.

  3. Love the Pub.!!! Reminds me of my working holiday in England in the 1970’s. Hope you are having a ball. It’s getting cooler in GC today. Looks like summer has gone for this year.
    Cheers Di

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