Outside My Cultural Comfort Zone

What started out as quick errand to make an appointment for waxing … ended up as lunch!

I only planned to pop out for a few minutes to go and make an appointment with the beautician for ‘depilación de pubis’ (they tell it like it is here, literal translation ‘waxing of the pubes’), but instead I ended up with a ‘menú del día’ lunch for one.

It was 2pm; I should have known better. There was no way I was going to find the beautician or any other business open at this time of day. It’s Spanish lunch time, the most important meal of the day, and everyone closes up shop.  Read More


A Look Inside Our Expat Life In Spain

Finally a place to call home in Spain

After looking for a place to call home in Europe for months, Jon and I finally settled into our own place in a village called Sant Hilari Sacalm in June. We’ve been here four months now and we are absolutely love it!

Sant Hilari Sacalm is located thirty minutes west of Girona Airport in northern Spain, up in the mountains at an elevation of 800 feet. Once of my favourite things about living here is actually the drive home towards these beautiful mountains that look like a cluster of pyramids on the approach.

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24-Hours In Copenhagen

Three bicycles for every person in Copenhagen!

How interesting is this … there are two bicycles for every person in Copenhagen, which kind of explains why nobody chains up their bikes! Actually I really enjoyed seeing so many beautiful bicycles parked up all over the place unrestrained 🙂 To me it gave the city a feeling of safety and trust.

Copenhagen reminded me of Amsterdam with its water canals, bicycle friendliness, and the smell of hash periodically wafting through the air. In Copenhagen architecturally innovative buildings exist alongside beautifully decorated historical buildings without looking out of place.

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Taking Stock In Stockholm

An organised, clean, elegant, historically rich, and friendly city.

Stockholm, I knew nothing about this place prior to arriving here yesterday, so I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was a well organised, clean, elegant, historically rich, and friendly city.

To me Stockholm feels a little bit Frenchy. Everything is just so well designed and decorated. Imagine a city with IKEA styling but with a French twist, this is Stockholm. The city is uncrowded, easy to get around and intimate. Read More


Surrendering to The Seasons of Life

I have been grieving the comforts of my home in Australia this past month. I know it’s crazy right? I am in France! A place that represents my ‘personal legend’ (as in Paulo Coelho’s novel ‘The Alchemist’). It’s taken me 43 years to get here and yet part of me feels disappointed.

Why is that so? I can only narrow this disappointment I feel down to the resistance of the seasons of life. I’ve felt increasingly isolated as this village of Bonnieux that I love so much shuts down for the winter and settles into its annual quietness. I’ve been resisting this. I want to see activity, people, things happening … community. Read More